1- Make sure you always keep fruits or vegetables around for the little one to devour once its snack time. Specially in Dubai, it’s important for your child to stay hydrated and well nourished as the weather can get a little hot!

2- Research shows that children are more likely to eat fruits when the whole family is eating it together.

3- Replace ready made juices from the grocery store with fresh homemade juices.

4- Teach your child to form a habit of eating slowly and chewing their food properly, a habit that’s very encouraged at London and Paris international nursery.

5- Involve your children in food shopping and preparing meals. On the days that the kids cook, our teachers make sure we cook nutritious meals.

6- Make sure your child sees you eat fruits and vegetables.

7- Try to choose fruits and vegetables of different shapes, colors, textures and tastes – the more variety there is, the more likely it is your child will find something that he’s interested in eating. Every day, our children, here in London and Paris international nursery, eat different kinds of fruits and vegetables cut up in cute shapes.