LP Nursery Curriculum

London and Paris International Nursery follows the UK Curriculum (EYFS).

In short, the curriculum is divided into seven areas.
Personal, Social and Emotional Development
Physical Development
Communication and Language
Understanding the World
Expressive Arts and Design
Teachers also incorporate practice from other countries to provide a broad, balanced curriculum.

Children are introduced to writing activities to help develop early writing skills. Rhymes and songs also help to develop their number and language skills. Other activities are designed for children to develop brain and body awareness which can be used for future learning.


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Balance is the ability to maintain a controlled body position during task performance. To function effectively across environments and tasks, we need the ability to maintain controlled positions during both static and dynamic activities.Static balance is the ability to hold a stationary position with control (e.g. “Freeze” or “statue” games). Dynamic balance is the ability to remain balanced while engaged in movement (e.g. running or bike riding).

Age-appropriate balance and coordination allow the child to be involved in sports participation with a reasonable degree of success as it aids fluid body movement for physical skill performance. With good balance and coordination, there is less likelihood of injury as the child is likely to have appropriate postural responses when needed.


Learning to play a great musical instrument is good for a child’s development. There is no definitive age to start that is right for everyone .In our nursery we are trying to lay the foundations in a fun and easy way, giving children the incentive and confidence to go on to start formal piano lessons when they are ready to do so.
And when they do start proper lessons,  they’ll have a head start and be in a much stronger position to learn and make the most of them. Progress will be much faster, and they will be more likely to succeed and develop a real love of the instrument.


Many positive benefits are associated with learning the art of classical ballet. Besides learning the traditional techniques of ballet, ballet lessons can also foster a positive self-image in young girls, as well as young boys. Ballet teaches skill, grace, poise, self-discipline, and self-confidence.

Water Play

Water play can help improve children’s balance and strength. Playing in water is like playing in a brand new playground where even the simplest activities, like clapping your hands or jumping, are a whole new sensory experience. Swimming develops muscles and motor skills and helps improve coordination. Kicking movements engage the core, and can help children learn how to coordinate both sides of their body to move through the water.


Getting kids involved in cooking is helping them to develop their fine motor skills, eye-hand coordination, learning what is healthy and what is not and even early concepts of math and science. They love activities in the kitchen because they can use all their senses. There are many ways to get kids involved in cooking. They can help prepare food and cook. Cooking can help young kids learn and practice some basic math concepts and build language skills. And the experience of creating fun meals can help build their self-confidence and lay the foundation for healthy eating habits.Kids love to show what they can do. Each session provides them opportunities to gain a sense of accomplishment.

LP Nursery Admissions

To register your child at our London & Paris Nursery, please provide the following documents via E-mail:

  • Completed and signed registration form
  • Copy of child’s passport incl. valid UAE residence visa
  • Copies of both parents’ passports incl. valid residence visas
  • 3 passport sized photos of the child
  • Completed and signed Health Information Sheet
  • Copy of child’s medical records (vaccination record & other medical issues)
  • Signed “Terms and Conditions” of London & Paris Nursery (last page of the “Parents’ Handbook”)

Once we have received your application, you will be contacted within 2 working days.

Thank you!

Please note that term fees are to be paid in full before the agreed starting date to secure your child’s place in the nursery.

Academic Calendar 2019-2020


  • Term 1 begins:   Tue, 3rd September 2019

  • National Day*:   Sun, 2nd December- Mon 3rd December

  • Term 1 ends:    Thurs, 12th December 2019

  • Winter Camp- 15th Dec- 2nd Jan 2020


  • Term 1 begins:   Sun, 5th January 2020
  • Term 1 ends:    Thurs, 26th March 2020
  • Easter Camp- 29th Mar– 9th Apr 2020


  • Term 3 begins:   Sun, 12th April 2020

  • Eid Al Fitr*: Sun, 24th –Mon, 25th May

  • Term 3 ends:    Thurs, 2nd July 2020

SUMMER CAMP 2020: 5th July – 27th August

  • All dates are subject to be change.

  • Islamic observances:  actual dates to be confirmed.

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My twins have been going to london & paris nursery for the past 2 years. since the first week there, i felt at home and was never worried about leaving them. the staff and the teachers were treating them with an exceptional warmth and love. i always had the feeling that their teacher loves them like if they are her own kids and this gave me peace of mind as it was my first experience in letting my kids in a daycare. In addition to this, i saw my twins in no time learn too much, now at 2 years and a half they are both able to read all the alphabet and count till 20 in both french and English things that not all kids at their age do and i know that most of this development is due to the educational program London and Paris are following. I am happy now that my kids will be starting school with a great background and that they had 2 nice years in a nursery that was their second home.

Rima Abi Ghosn
Dear London Paris Team, In 2012 we took the decision to move our daughter from a larger nursery where she spent 2.5 years to London & Paris Nursery mainly because we wanted her to learn and get familiar with the French language. It was surely the right decision at the time not only she learnt French Tayma has also developed her artistic and personal skills in an amazing short period of time. Every day is an exciting day for Tayma at L&P thanks for the loving and caring environment. Looking forward to enrolling her sister next year.
Ruba Kronfol
We sent our 3 year old daughter to London Paris Nursery after removing her from a larger nursery and it was the best decision we ever made. Our daughter loves the nursery and goes in happily without a tear; the teachers are wonderful and take a personal interest in the children’s wellbeing. We have seen her reach all her milestones and beyond with the help of London Paris. I would happily and highly recommend this incredible homely nursery to any parent looking for a kind and caring environment for their child..
Jennifer McGarrigle
“As a first time mother, choosing a nursery was never going to be an easy job, especially with being a working mum and having to entrust your child at the age of 3 months to someone else. My husband and I had looked at several nursery’s, of which, we were not happy with before coming across London and Paris International. We booked a visit and immediately knew that this was the place where we wanted our child to go. The warmth of the staff and cleanliness of the nursery made this our number one choice. Our son has now been there for nearly 2 and a half years and loves it, he often comes home and asks for his careers, which is a delight to hear. I would highly recommend the nursery to any parent looking for a friendly, caring facility to place their child. “
Rachael Jennings
Dear London and Paris Nursery I would like to thank you for all the love, care and support that you’ve been giving to my little Gugu for the past 2 years, he has become a confident little boy, when I see his photos in your facebook page and I see his beautiful smile, I know he is in a good hands . now it’s his sister turn to join your nursery and I know that she will be happy and safe, cause again she will be in a good caring hands Can’t thank you enough for keeping my Gugu and Lia happy and safe.
Dana Khalil Al Ghussain
This nursery has provided our son loving care as a baby and continues to provide him a stimulating, nurturing environment now he’s a toddler. He always looks forward to “school” and he has grown very fond of his friends, some with whom he has grown up with for the past 2.5 years. We appreciate the multi-lingual environment and professional staff and caretakers. Thank you L&P nursery, for providing our son such a great place to spend his days.
Dana & Henry Williamson


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