Even if it’s only for a few hours a day, being away from home for the first time is a big step for a child who has been around the same environment every day. Help him or her smoothly adapt to the new environment with these tips!

Tip 1: provide your child with a comfort toy.
Here at London and Paris international nursery, we recommend that parents provide their child with a comfort toy so the new environment doesn’t seem too intimidating. Once your child starts adapting to the new setting, they’ll be less attached to the toy and give their attention to different things.

Tip 2: show your child that you’re confident.
Don’t show your child that you’re nervous for leaving him or her alone for the first time. It’s understandable that you may feel uneasy but try your best to not show your child. The more confident you seem around your child, the more at ease he or she will be.

Tip 3: make sure your goodbyes are short and loving.
Make it seem like it’s the most natural thing that you’re leaving your child, even if it’s the first time ever. Don’t forget that it’s the most natural thing for your child to have a breakdown on the first day of nursery so don’t let it get to you too much. Give them a quick hug and reassure them that you’ll be there to pick them up in no time. Don’t try to sneak out of the nursery when your child isn’t looking because this action would only make them feel more insecure and nervous.

Tip 4: visit the nursery together before his or her first day.
Try to familiarize your child with the environment so they’re not completely confused. Try to find things your child liked before you go and remind him or her of the toys or colors one night before their first day of nursery.

Tip 5: allow the little one to have some control.
Let your child pack their lunchbox or their extra clothes in their bag pack. Not only will this excite them, it will give them more control in the preparation process.

Tip 6: go over their daily schedule.
Explain the program of the day to your child so they can know what to expect. Try to also give your child something fun to look forward to at the end of the day like a trip to their favorite park or their favorite meal.

Tip 7: trust the nursery.
Make sure you trust the nursery you’re leaving your child in because the more confident and at ease you feel, your child will be more comfortable. If you’re anxious at all, it will rub off on your child.

The first day of daycare is an extremely big day for both the children and the parents but don’t let the anxiety of it get to you because it’s the start of something new and wonderful for both of you. At the preschool, your child will learn to become more independent and they will have many incredible and positive experiences.